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Tropical Cyclone and Hurricane Names

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  • Atlantic Basin: Debby (es) (de) (fr) (jp)   Ernesto (es) (de) (fr) (jp)  
  • Eastern Pacific Basin: Gilma (es) (de) (fr) (jp)   Hector (es) (de) (fr) (jp)  
  • Central Pacific Basin: Walaka (es) (de) (fr) (jp)   Akoni (es) (de) (fr) (jp)  
  • Northwest Pacific Basin: Wukong (es) (de) (fr) (jp)   Jongdari (es) (de) (fr) (jp)  
  • North Indian Basin: Daye (es) (de) (fr) (jp)   Luban (es) (de) (fr) (jp)  
  • South Indian Basin: Guambe (es) (de) (fr) (jp)   Habana (es) (de) (fr) (jp)  
  • South Pacific Basin: Liua (es) (de) (fr) (jp)   Mona (es) (de) (fr) (jp)  
  • Atlantic Hurricane Names

    Eastern Pacific Hurricane Names

    Central Pacific Hurricane Names

    Western Pacific Typhoon Names

    North Indian Cyclone Names

    Southwest Indian Cyclone Names

    Australian Cyclone Names

    In this region 3 different areas are responsible for names depending on where the storm originally forms.



    Papua New Guinea

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