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This is the final warning / advisory for this storm as it has weakened below warning levels and/or the storm system is no longer a tropical cyclone.

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A small percentage of post-tropical cyclones will become tropical again. In that case, this page will be updated again with the latest advisories and warnings.

Narelle Current Status

Current Wind Speed 30 knots / MPH

Max Predicted Wind Speed 30 knots / MPH at

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Narelle Land Hazards

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Narelle Tracker

Narelle Satellite Loop

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Narelle Alternate Tracking Map

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Ex-Tropical Cyclone Narelle Spaghetti Models

Spaghetti models for Narelle can be found here:

Narelle spaghetti models page »

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Narelle Watches and Warnings

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Ex-Tropical Cyclone Narelle Tropical Cyclone Update

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Narelle Public Advisory

AXAU01 APRF 141817
at: 1816 UTC 14/01/2013
Name: Ex-Tropical Cyclone Narelle
Identifier: 05U
Data At: 1800 UTC
Latitude: 28.8S
Longitude: 109.8E
Location Accuracy: within 40 nm [80 km]
Movement Towards: south [178 deg]
Speed of Movement: 13 knots [23 km/h]
Maximum 10-Minute Wind: 30 knots [55 km/h]
Maximum 3-Second Wind Gust: 45 knots [85 km/h]
Central Pressure: 996 hPa
Radius of 34-knot winds NE quadrant:    
Radius of 34-knot winds SE quadrant:    
Radius of 34-knot winds SW quadrant:    
Radius of 34-knot winds NW quadrant:    
Radius of 48-knot winds NE quadrant:    
Radius of 48-knot winds SE quadrant:    
Radius of 48-knot winds SW quadrant:    
Radius of 48-knot winds NW quadrant:    
Radius of 64-knot winds:    
Radius of Maximum Winds:    
Dvorak Intensity Code: T2.0/2.5/W1.5/24HRS
Pressure of outermost isobar: 1006 hPa
Radius of outermost closed isobar: 140 nm [260 km]
Storm Depth: Medium
Date/Time   : Location    : Loc. Accuracy: Max Wind   : Central Pressure
[UTC]       : degrees     :      nm  [km]: knots[km/h]: hPa
+12: 15/0600: 32.1S 111.6E:     065 [120]:  030  [055]:  996
+24: 15/1800: 36.7S 116.2E:     090 [170]:  025  [045]:  999
+36: 16/0600: 41.4S 123.5E:     110 [205]:  020  [035]: 1000
+48: 16/1800: 46.1S 131.7E:     130 [240]:  020  [035]:  998
+60: 17/0600: 50.3S 140.5E:     150 [275]:  020  [035]:  996
+72: 17/1800: 54.1S 149.1E:     170 [315]:  025  [045]:  991
Narelle has been declassified as a Tropical Cyclone based on consistent FTs of
2.0 to 2.5 over the last 6 hours and the subjective CI dropping to 2.5. ADT CI
has been below 3 for six hours also. The system is highly sheared from the NNW
with the low level centre difficult to locate. Recent FTs have been based on

Model guidance continues to show a low spread in track forecasts with expected
motion becoming southeast today and faster as the remnant circulation loses
coherence. When the remnants pass by the south west of the state the surface
winds are not expected to be very strong but stronger winds just above the
surface pose a risk to any going fires.  

Higher than normal tides are expected along the west coast as a shelf wave moves
down the coast. 

Copyright Commonwealth of Australia
There will be no further bulletins for this system unless it reintensifies.

Public Advisory not available for this storm.

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Narelle Forecast Discussion

Forecast Discussion not available for this storm.

Narelle storm path from BOM - PERTH

Time Speed Location Status
30 knots -28.8, 109.8
30 knots -32.1, 111.6
25 knots -36.7, 116.2
20 knots -41.4, 123.5
20 knots -46.1, 131.7
20 knots -50.3, 140.5
25 knots -54.1, 149.1

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