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CHAPALA condiciones actuales

Vientos Ahora 40 knots / 46 MPH

Vientos Máximos 40 knots / 46 MPH at

CHAPALA peligros afectando tierra

Sri Lanka
WW 15-02   Colour :- Amber SEVERE WEATHER ADVISORY FOR HEAVY RAINFALLS  OVER THE COUNTRY. VALID FOR NEXT 12HOURS, ISSUED AT 1530HRS, 11th MAY 2015. (Issued by Early Warning Centre of the Department of Meteorology) Under the influence of Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ, the area where the Northern and Southern hemispheric winds meet), the possibility for rain and lightning activities over the country is still very high. Due to the active cloudiness associated with the ITCZ, sudden increase of wind speed (up to 70-80 kmph) over and around the island is possible.There may be temporary localized strong winds during thundershowers. General public is kindly requested to take adequate precautions to minimize damages caused by lightning activity. Wind speed around the sea area of the island can be temporarily increased up to 70-80 kmph during thundershowers

Ningún peligros o datos no disponsibles.

trayectoria del huracán CHAPALA

imágenes de satélite de CHAPALA

mapa de CHAPALA de NHC

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CHAPALA modelos numéricos

En inglés lo que se conoce como "spaghetti models". Creo que el equivalente en español sería "modelo numérico de predicción".

CHAPALA modelo numérico de predicción (en inglés) »

CHAPALA vigilancias y aviso

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huracan CHAPALA aviso publico

No disponible.

CHAPALA discusión

No disponible en español.


Tiempo Viento Localizacion status
40 nudos 14.2, 47.5 dissipating
25 nudos 14.4, 46.9 dissipated

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