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Warning: spaghetti models for TROPICAL DEPRESSION CHAN-HOM were not found. This often occurs when a storm was previously being tracked as a tropical disturbance and has just recently officially become a tropical cyclone. Also, spaghetti models are only reliably available for the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific basins, so sometimes spaghetti models are simply not available for a given storm.

We have attempted to locate the closest match for this storm but there's always the chance that it will be hilariously wrong.

CHAN-HOM Spaghetti Models


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Experimental Spaghetti Model Intensity Graph for 11WP

This graph is brand new and is practically guaranteed to be broken in some way.

Spaghetti Models from NCAR

Only available in the Eastern Pacific and Atlantic basins.

Intensity / Wind Speed Projections for CHAN-HOM

11 WP spaghetti models

Highest predicted winds
Highest predicted winds of all models

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