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This is the final warning / advisory for this storm as it has weakened below warning levels and/or the storm system is no longer a tropical cyclone.

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GABEKILE Current Status

Current Wind Speed 30 knots / MPH

Max Predicted Wind Speed 35 knots / MPH at

GABEKILE Land Hazards

Maurice / Mauritius / Rodrigues / Agalega
State of temperature in 2019 | Weather forecast for the region of Grand Bassin'
La Réunion


GABEKILE Satellite Loop

GABEKILE Alternate Tracking Map

GABEKILE Spaghetti Models

Spaghetti models for GABEKILE can be found here:

GABEKILE spaghetti models page »

GABEKILE Watches and Warnings

REMNANT LOW GABEKILE Tropical Cyclone Update


Public Advisory not available for this storm.

REMNANT LOW GABEKILE Forecast Discussion

Forecast Discussion not available for this storm.

GABEKILE storm path from cyclocane hybrid

Time Speed Location Status
30 knots -20.5, 75.7
30 knots -20.9, 75.2 translation missing: en.REMNANT
30 knots -21.5, 74.3 translation missing: en.REMNANT
35 knots -23.7, 73.7
30 knots -25.5, 71.5
25 knots -25.2, 70.3 translation missing: en.FILLING UP
20 knots -24.9, 70.2 translation missing: en.FILLING UP

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